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Journey of the Shadow: Volume One front cover

Join the Journey, Discover the Mystery...

 "I have never seen anything quite like it..." ~ Amazon Copy Editor

"The story is engaging. The characters and setting are interesting. The plot moves along at a good 

pace." ~ Amazon Line Editor

When Nyugo reawakens, the universe will tremble.

A shimmering katana, crafted by no human hands and etched with intricate fingers of lightning, bleeds otherworldly power into nineteen-year-old Tsumisu.  He is the commander of the shadowy, supernaturally skilled Sonzai warriors. They are the ones who must face Nyugo’s threat. 

With the clock ticking, Tsumisu and his warriors race to keep one step ahead of the mighty enemy, but clues about his friend’s mysterious past and the clashing interests of extraterrestrial civilizations lead Tsumisu into an age-old quest for a legendary alien leader thought to reside on Earth.


As the pieces begin to fall into place, the forces of good and evil prepare to clash—and the fate of the universe hangs in the balance. 

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About The Author

Who is Stone Abdullah?

Stone Abdullah graduated from Jackson State University with a bachelor’s degree in earth system science and is currently working on his PhD in large scale data analytics. As an avid writer for more than sixteen years, Abdullah has published both poems and scientific research papers. 

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Stone has worked in research laboratories for NASA, NOAA, and the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Stone has spent time as a rock and metal guitarist and blues pianist. He enjoys watching anime and is a video game enthusiast.